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Forget Calorie Counting, Just Eat Minimally Processed Food

February 11, 2019 Weight Loss Solutions

Almost all of us have given dieting or calorie counting a try at least once in our lives. Although it’s always been believed that calorie restriction diets are the key to weight loss, a new study has found that a new strategy to weight loss could be much more effective than counting calories. Although dietary […]

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Accelerate your metabolism with mustard

December 17, 2018 Food for weight loss

Do you know that mustard seeds, in addition to being a great condiment, can help you raise your metabolism? Well, that’s how it seems to be. It is only a matter of you reading this note and discovering these magnificent properties that this food has. Does mustard make you slim or thin? Are you a […]

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Types and characteristics of bulimia

December 16, 2018 Eating Disorder

Do you know what bulimia is and what are its characteristics? In this article I will tell you everything you need to know about this disease. From the definition of bulimia to what are its symptoms, treatments and consequences, as well as, the difference between bulimia and anorexia and the different types of bulimia that […]

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Properties of grape seed extract to lose weight

August 29, 2018 Food for weight loss

Do you want to enjoy the properties of grapes to lose weight? Then you have to know about the extract of grape seed, the differential element that can help you lose weight. The grapes are delicious and a healthy snack for any diet. But its benefits go beyond the taste; these fruits have been used […]

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How many calories does a empanada have? Find out according to the type

August 17, 2018 Diet

Without a doubt, everyone likes empanadas. They are practical, they can be prepared and taken anywhere, they are also bought anywhere and there are always different tastes to try. Each empanada is a world. But something is true: they are not usually low in calories or slimming. Learn all about the calories of empanada in […]

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Diets for overweight athletes

August 6, 2018 Diet

Are you athletic and are you overweight? Well, if it is your case, you should know that you cannot make any diet to lose weight, but one that suits your sporting needs. Accompany me! I’ll tell you everything you need to know to start a diet for athletes. First of all, you should know that […]

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Diet to lose weight after pregnancy

March 7, 2018 Diet

After the birth of your baby, surely you have been a few extra kilos, as a reminder of those beautiful nine months and of course, you need to download them. That is why I will give you to know the diet to lose weight after pregnancy, which will be very useful to lose weight. Will […]

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Can you eat raw quinoa?

February 3, 2018 Weight loss recipes

Have you ever wondered if quinoa can be eaten raw? Find out in this note the detail of everything that has to do with quinoa, its preparation and consumption, as well as its nutritional values. Can raw quinoa be eaten? The Quinoa is an Andean pseudocereal, grain, which is rich in complex carbohydrates, but also […]

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Advantages and disadvantages of the liquid diet

January 14, 2018 Diet

Liquid diets are usually indicated for pre-operative procedures or pre-tests. But there are also people who believe that by feeding only on liquids, they can reduce weight. They all drink juices and drinks often, and it was with this thought that this diet was created: to make the accompaniments of meals in most or all […]

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Thyroid test: When to do it

September 11, 2017 Weight loss Treatments

The thyroid test is used to diagnose and find the cause of the diseases of this gland. Include various types of analysis; today you will have the opportunity to know everything about it. The thyroid gland is small and is located in the neck, above the clavicle. It is an endocrine gland, responsible for the […]

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