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Are nuts fattening?

The nuts are foods that have been made popular in recent years. This is due to the active ingredients that contain and which offer different nutritional and medicinal properties to the organism. Even nuts included in a diet to lose weight. For this reason, there are several concerns that deserve to be answered, such as: Are nuts fattening?, can be consumed to lose weight? The answers to these questions will find in this article.


There are different types of nuts, almonds, chestnuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts and cashew nuts among others. While they are all different, they share common nutritional properties. In general, nuts contain high in calories, on average around 600 calories/100 gm. of nuts.

The calorie content is high, but is counteracted by nutrients that it owns and that reduce the calorific effect that brings. The fiber that nuts contain is high, about 9 gm. but this fiber prevents certain fats and sugars pass into the blood and are converted into fatty tissue.

Moreover, antioxidants which contain (vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B complex, zinc, selenium, magnesium, manganese, among others). Facilitate fat burning, and prevent action of free radicals on the different cells body.

Moreover, the satiety index of nuts is important, around 180 (satiety index is from 0 to 250).

Given this information and these properties, the answer to whether nuts are fattening is “no”, as long as you respect the ration that you instructed by a physician or nutritionist. This portion is about 25 gm, i.e. 150 calories.

It is important to remember that when you lose weight not only choose foods low in calories, but also those that contain organic ingredients beneficial to health, such as nuts, which, in addition to all of the nutrients that you mentioned, contain unsaturated fatty acids, excellent fat to take care of the heart.

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