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All about the enteral diet: is it used to lose weight?

The enteral diet system proposes something totally different from everything you know about diets. To give you an idea, this diet consists of eating for 10 days through an enteral probe. To know all about the enteral diet: is it used to lose weight?

enteral diet

What is enteral nutrition?
The enteral nutrition is a nutrition support technique in which nutrients administered in the gastrointestinal tract through a probe. It is usually indicated in sick patients who need certain nutritional contribution and cannot ingest the nutrients that it needs. Until recently it was only used in cases such as premature babies, patients with diarrhea, malnutrition, severe burns, heart disease and more. But human ingenuity has no limits, and enteral nutrition is now being offered as a method for weight loss, but with a very special detail: in the case of patients with overweight or obese and that cannot lose those extra pounds.

The enteral nutrition is administered as a hospital and there is no way to make a handmade enteral or homemade diet, you should always consult a professional who will give you their knowledge.

Types of Enteral Diet
Although the enteral diet is offered in some clinics, it is not the best idea for weight loss. There are different types of enteral nutrition, depending on the need of the patient. The most recommended types of enteral feeding are as follows.

It is recommended for patients who can normally digesting proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Defined Formula
It is advised in people with alterations of the gastrointestinal tract and is complete in macro and micronutrients.

Special diets vary according to the need of the patient, are usually recommended in cases of kidney failure, liver disease, stress, respiratory failure and to repair the immune system.

Beyond the types of diet, the administration enteral routes are what make the difference and the most used are the following.

Nasoenteral catheter
Also known as a nasogastric tube, it goes from the nose to the stomach and is recommended in short-term treatments, three to four weeks.

Nasoduodenal probe
It goes from the nose through the pylorus to the duodenum. It is also used in short periods and recommended in patients with risk of aspiration, nausea and reflux.

Naso-nasal probe
It fulfills the same requirements as the nasoduodenal probe, worse goes from the nose through the pylorus to the jejunum.

Gastrostomy Tube
It is more complex than the previous ones, it requires surgery. An opening is made in the stomach from the abdomen.

Jejunostomy Tube
It is a catheter placed surgically directly into the jejunum.

The last two options are those that are recommended when you require this treatment for more than four weeks.

Enteral diet to lose weight
No matter what route of enteral administration you prefer, it is not a diet to lose weight beyond the recommendations of some doctors. It is only recommended in extreme and urgent cases. Another method that is beginning to be heard in weight loss clinics is parenteral nutrition. It is similar to enteral, since it consists of providing nutrients through the bloodstream in patients with gastrointestinal problems.

The enteral and parenteral routes are not dieting options for weight loss. Choose a balanced diet, daily exercise and perseverance to achieve the weight that you want.

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