Alkaline water diet

Water is essential to life and to lose weight, it is essential to be clear about the importance of this vital drink in the diet. Today, there is much talk of the alkaline diet and different foods within it. Well, water is not the exception, as the followers of this diet, if you want and you need to lose weight the alkaline water is best.

alkaline water diet

Many scientists believe that the imbalance between the acidity and alkalinity of the body is the source of many diseases, including obesity, so it is essential to balance this through food and drink you consume daily. Water is an essential part of the diet, even recommends drinking 2 liters a day and fasting.

However, water would not be adequate, according to the suggestions of the alkaline diet, since this one might contain substances that acidify the organism.

Feature of alkaline water to lose weight

  • When the current water is alkalized it loses its acidity and increases its antioxidant activity, which prevent the action of free radicals and enhance the combustion of fats.
  • On the other hand, while the water itself is a vehicle to remove toxins and waste, alkaline water has a greater purifying action, eliminating all own fat burning waste.

That is, that alkaline water helps burn fat and cleanses the body of a more effective way.

While there are filters and special devices that alkalized the water, you can do it at home. Just boiling it for five minutes, the water we consume in the day, you will achieve alkalize. Even with this water you can prepare a natural remedy to lower belly, which contains lemon and baking soda.

The current diet includes rich foods in fats and sugars, its tend to acidify the internal environment, thereby returning to a natural diet rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts and lean meats, among others can help you lose weight in a healthy and without starving.

Remember, the diet should be checked by a doctor or nutritionist, so before you start your diet plan, be sure to consult.

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