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Alkaline juice for weight loss

You’ve probably heard of the alkaline diet and it’s good for weight loss. You may try this alkaline juice for lose weight, that will surely fit of wonders to your regime.

alkaline juice

The alkaline diet is one that teaches a new eating habit that tends to balance the body’s pH, thus regulating just right balance between acidity and alkalinity. The acidic environment is the one to fear. For this same reason, the alkaline diet promotes a diet that will help detoxify our body and lose weight.

The alkaline water consumption (at least one of the two liters per day) is one of the principles of cleaning this diet. And you can occupy one of them in this delicious alkaline juice to lose weight, which includes other vegetables and fruits which also comply with this condition. Be sure to try, you can go great for your breakfast.


  • A glass of alkaline water
  • Two pears
  • One cucumber
  • Some spinach leaves
  • Half lemon juice
  • A piece of root ginger
  • One teaspoon of spirulina powder.

To make this juice, you’ll need a puller for it. One by one, begin to extract the juices of plants involved in it: pears, cucumbers and spinach leaves, and ginger. Place the resulting in a glass; add the half lemon juice, one teaspoon spirulina powder and alkaline water. Mix well, drink and enjoy. Feel this preparation will nourish your body every step while entering your body.

Now you will not have just begun to consume this juice for breakfast, whenever it seems necessary. It is a great option in the alkaline diet, you also provide all kinds of nutrients, diuretics benefits and, above all, many detox for your body. Ideal for losing weight and to do it in a way more than healthy, in the hand of a natural system.

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