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Accelerate your metabolism with mustard

Do you know that mustard seeds, in addition to being a great condiment, can help you raise your metabolism? Well, that’s how it seems to be. It is only a matter of you reading this note and discovering these magnificent properties that this food has.

metabolism with mustard

Does mustard make you slim or thin?

Are you a lover of this sauce and want to know what mustard is made of? Well, it’s not magic. It is actually a plant of the cruciferous family (yes, although it does not look like it, it is), which has seeds with really magnificent medicinal properties. It is often used in oriental cuisine (usual part of curries and other condiments) and is one of the most important medicinal bases of Ayurvedic medicine. That’s why mustard is much more than a condiment in the form of a sauce sold in supermarkets.

At the nutritional level, you have many interesting questions to contribute. Discover all about the properties of mustard at the nutritional level:

  • Calories – The calories of mustard in seeds are not significant, since they are about 500 per 100 grams. And you never take 100 grams together, not even close.
  • Proteins – The amount of protein is really interesting, since it offers about 25/26 grams per 100. Excellent contribution.
  • Fats – Its contribution of fats is approximately 30 grams per 100 of product. They are absolutely vegetable and natural, healthy for your body.
  • Carbohydrates – It contains approximately the same amount of carbohydrates as protein, about 26 grams per 100. The good thing is that most come from dietary fiber, something good for any type of diet.
  • Other nutrients – Mustard seeds are rich in phosphorus, potassium, calcium, vitamin B3 and vitamin C.

Mustard properties to activate the metabolism

But, the mustard seed… What is it for a diet? You will see that in addition to the medicinal uses that may come to have, spicy mustard will become an interesting ally when it comes to helping you lose weight. Why? Because it helps to activate the metabolism, which is essential when comes to processing body fat. Be sure to read the slimming properties of mustard grain!

  • It is a spicy spice. This is already good to activate the metabolism, as it happens with the relatives of the peppers. According to a study conducted at Penn University in the United States, foods that have a tendency to be hot are usually good for burning fat and helping the body to does it better. And mustard, to a large extent, is a spicy.
  • It is a good thermogenesis agent. What is this? It is a bodily mechanism by which the metabolism increases, also the work of burning fat. And according to research carried out by the Oxford Polytechnic Institute, one tablespoon per day of spicy mustard helps raise the metabolism by up to 20 to 25 percent.
  • It provides omega 3 fatty acids. Mustard, in addition to offering various minerals, provides omega 3 and has a unique aromatic capacity when it comes to seasoning any type of dish.

You can also use pepper together with mustard, to enhance the thermogenic action, or as a replacement for mustard if you do not like this dressing. And if you want to know what the black mustard is for, then you must bear in mind that it has very similar properties. Its flavor may be a little stronger and hotter.

How to consume mustard to activate the metabolism?
Ideally, take a tablespoon of seeds per day, as suggested in the study, to have better metabolic outcomes. But not just any mustard will serve in these cases. It has to be the spiciest, not yellow and soft. And this is clear, as is the spicy mainly doing job in these seeds.

  • Sprinkled in your meals. You can take a tablespoon of seeds, grind them in a mortar (grind them at once to avoid losing their properties) and then sprinkle over a meal. Mustard powder goes very well and gives good flavor to your dishes, something like a pepper or other spices with a spicy touch.
  • With milk or water. Another option is to simply mix it with a glass of vegetable milk or water. You can even add a teaspoon of turmeric, and so you will have an antioxidant drink with many additional properties, in addition to the obvious Indian touch you will have. Excellent idea to take advantage of the benefits of mustard.
  • In dressing. Of course, mustard seeds can also be taken in dressing form and there is also a mustard oil that has very diverse uses and applications.
  • As a dressing. If you like to use it as a mustard dressing, simply choose one that is strong, dijon style or old style (super spicy). And, although they are not usually caloric, check their nutritional information beforehand to avoid surprises.

Anyway, the question is that you cheer up and try the mustard to see what results it gives you when losing weight!

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