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9 cures for weight loss

Have you ever done a cure for weight loss? These generally are based on a single ingredient, which is often consumed massively during these days. Usually it aims to refine and detoxify the body. Yes, it can help you lose a few kilos, but do not think these are the ultimate solution. Anyway, here are neither more nor less than 9 options to implement.

cures for weight loss

You’ve probably heard more than once talk about natural cures to lose weight. For many, it can be just another of many “Chinese tales” which comes out again and again to the market with slimming claims. And they may be right. Others, however, want to rely on the natural powers of certain plants and implement these healing processes to see if these can purify and detoxify body.

None is going to ensure good results and is likely that not work with all. Also you keep in mind that these are usually quite brief processes that simply tend to remove some kilos, from retained fluids, stool, bloating and other. If you want to take them into account when it comes to losing weight, be sure to try some of the options proposed in the article. You have 9 options ahead!

These are nine cures you can use to lose weight:

Orange cure to lose weight fast: it is that you get the maximum benefit from the potential of the slimming orange, through its juice. You can do it once in a while, at least once every three months. Starts drinking an orange juice and slowly rise up to ten. It doesn’t sound convincing that only with this, you are going to be able to lose weight, but if you can do well in a natural diet accompanied by plenty of exercise.

Lemon cure for weight loss: Very similar to the previous cure, but in this diet come to consume up to ten lemons per day. Lemon in itself is quite good to debug your body and as discussed can even help you burn fat. As in the previous case, surely it will not work alone.

Apple cider vinegar Cure for burn fat: This preparation has a certain kinship with the alkaline diet as you drink in the morning a glass of water, you’ll add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and half a teaspoon of baking soda. Apparently, you could have fat burning effects on your body, as this vinegar carries with this quality.

Yeast cure to detox: This is a cure that may be more convincing, since it’s a diet plan where there are many juices, vegetables and snacks. It also has the added nutritional yeast. Do not confuse with which you use to knead. Precisely, its microorganisms will help you refresh yourself and debug your body well, losing a few kilos and gaining nutrients.

Tibetan garlic cure: Although garlic is an excellent element and can help you much to purify the body and fight against evils of the organism, it will cost you believe that counting drops of alcohol flavored with garlic, you can get to lose weight, as proposed by this cure. However, although it may seem incredible, there are people who swear that gives good results.

Sea salt cure: This cure is a laxative cure, which aims to clean your intestines and debug your body of certain accumulated toxins. You just have to mix warm water with two teaspoons of the salt (which is much richer in nutrients and minerals that refined salt) and then drink the liquid. Or you could do something similar with Epsom salts, another element that helps fight constipation.

Onion cure for fat-burning: It is a cure which must be mixed consumption of a preparation of onions, garlic and lemons, with vegetarian and low-calorie diet features. So, you can get to lose weight over the course of ten days, during which it is, strongly recommended, exercise for best results.

Dandelion cure to lose few kilos: This is to accompany your usual diet eating several cups a day of infusion of dandelion, although you can also get your supplements in capsules. This plant is diuretic and depurative, so it will help you to lose retained liquids and also to keep your active intestinal transit.

Diuretic melon cure: You must take melon for breakfast and snacks, only without accompanied by something else. You can eat all the melon that you want a day and also must be accompanied by a low-calorie and adequate to take off a few kilos and debug toxins in a certain number of days. The drawback is that it is tied to the seasonal changes: it is virtually impossible that you find melon throughout the year.

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