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5 Ways to use ginger for weight loss

Ginger must be always well regarded within medicinal plants, since its health aid is really remarkable. Besides being a root which has large respiratory properties that also fights flu or acts as digestive, is also a good home remedy for weight loss.

ginger tea

Due to its specific mineral content, for its essential oils, for its ability to stimulate metabolism and help digestion, the ginger becomes an interesting natural tool for weight loss. It is also good to reduce swelling in the stomach area. Thus, their uses can be really different. That’s why you just have to see these tips, where you can learn to give different utilities to lose weight.

Here are 5 ways to use ginger for weight loss:

In a classic ginger tea: To prepare a classic ginger tea, you just have to boil a cup of water. Put here a generous slice of fresh ginger root, or one tablespoon chopped or grated ginger. Add water, let stand about five minutes covered and then strain the preparation. It is perfect as a digestive, for after meals.

Combined with green tea: The combination of green tea and ginger is wonderful. And not just because the flavors blend perfectly, but also because of their properties are enhanced. Green tea is a great fat burning and ginger is perfect as a digestive.

In a smoothie or milkshake: The mango; with its satiating capacity and all its fiber, is perfect for a diet to lose weight. Ginger brings theirs in this combination, giving rise to much more than a simple Smoothie for a summer afternoon.

On a cold tea: For this summer, do not be afraid to use this combination of ginger and tangerine. Prepares iced tea format and takes as refreshing water day at the time of the day that you want more. Good to cleanse the body in general and perfect for a little stifling heat.

Mixing powdered drinks and preparations: While its effect is not as fruitful as when it is eaten fresh, ginger powder can also result in great shape. Just add a tea, an infusion and even soup. It’s a matter of seeking a return to the different forms of dry use, which also can bring good returns.

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