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5 ways to keep weight and not gain weight in the attempt

No doubt losing weight is not an easy task, but keep it once you’ve managed to lose weight can be just as difficult. When you skinny, the task is accomplished, in part, after this there is a new challenge, making enduring the effects of the diet. To make this happen, here given 5 ways to keep weight and not gain weight in the attempt.

ways to keep weight

One of the big problems that are dieters is what to do once they go off the diet, so that the effects of diet are enduring. Well, there are 5 ways to keep weight and stay slim attempt that may help you avoid the rebound effect.

5 ways to keep weight and not gain weight in the attempt

Maintain physical exercise. This is fundamental to continue burning calories. If you finish the diet and stop exercising, most likely that, eating it slowly earns some other pounds more. The exercise has to be a daily habit in your life.

Don’t let negative thoughts you win. In life presents good times and times you would like to forget. The latter can generate anxiety. Therefore, if this happens please have breathing and relaxation techniques to avoid that your anxiety is moved to the food.

Calls for support to those around you. The support of your loved ones is key to achieving not only lose weight, but also continue your maintenance plan. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask for help if you feel weak or you’re starting to overeat.

Do not feel guilty. If you eat more a day, do not feel guilty. This emotion can throw it all away. If you eat a little more, nothing happens; control the other day, doing more exercise. Never forget to eat or not skip meals.

Have handy teas that will help you to avoid fluid retention. This may be one reason you produce a small increase in weight or feel heavy. Therefore, if this often happens to you, have handy plants that will help you to avoid fluid retention.

These are just some tips that you may find helpful when not get fat again, although there are other suggestions that may help the effects of diet endure over time.

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