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5 unwanted effects of weight loss supplements

When looking for weight loss, in front of you opens a myriad of alternatives, including some supplements or “miracle products” that can be hazardous to health. Therefore, it is important to know at least 5 unwanted effects that can hurt you.

weight loss supplements effect

There are many weight loss supplements, and while many of them can be useful for weight loss, there are many who can jeopardize the health, especially if they contain substances that are not declared, such as anorectics. There are many such cases, such as the fruit plant or the Reductil.

These and other supplements for weight loss are presented as “miracle products” promising fast weight loss. But all these promises, these products may be hazardous to health because of possible unwanted effects.

5 unwanted effects of weight loss supplements

Effects on the nervous system. Many weight loss supplements whose main function increase metabolism. These generally contain natural stimulants, and sometimes possess chemical stimulants that affect the nervous system, causing increased irritability and insomnia; Examples of these supplements are those that contain ephedra, sibutramine or other anorectics.

Unwanted effects on the digestive system. Certain slimming supplements on the basis of fibers, can cause adverse effects on the digestive system, especially if you have the habit of eating foods rich in fiber. Within these effects can find: heartburn, diarrhea, and bloating, abdominal cramps. These products are those that contain a high percentage of fiber.

Unwanted effects on the renal system. Many of the supplements that increase your muscle mass and burn fat, can cause kidney problems as these supplements are protein based. Within this group of supplements you can find supplements with creatinine and amino acids. There are other supplements like chromium picolinate can also damage the kidneys.

Unwanted effects on the cardiovascular system. Some say supplements have certain ingredients, but may contain other that may cause heart problems such as tachycardia, hypertension and even, in extreme cases, heart attacks.

Unwanted effects on the liver. The liver is the detoxifying organ, and certain chemicals can alter its function causing liver damage. Such is the case of supplements contaminated with anorectic or with high protein content.

In conclusion, it is important that you have mind that certain supplements can help you to lose some weight, but need to check that these are authentic, backed by official agencies, and medical support.

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