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5 Tips to lose weight with water

Lose weight with water is perfectly possible, as it helps eliminate retained fluids and also to keep the body functioning properly. Do you want some tricks to achieve it? Well then you just have to read these tips.

lose weight with water

We know that drinking water is essential for a healthy diet, although it seems a contradiction because the more water we drink, less fluids be retained in our body and the feeling of lightness in the legs and abdomen is greater.

Drinking a sufficient amount of water per day is also important to eliminate toxins, cleanse the kidneys and maintain the proper functioning of the body, since all reactions and processes of our body are given in aqueous medium.

We will see 5 simple tricks to reach drink 2 liters of water daily without difficulty:

Get used to drink a glass of water under compulsion with each of the 5 meals per day, then it will become a habit and do not involve any effort. In addition, you will facilitate digestion and preventing constipation by hydrating fiber in foods.

Between meals can “decorate” your water with a squeeze of lemon and a tiny ball of saccharin if you want to sweeten it. It is very refreshing and want you to take it.

Take an infusion of dessert after lunch or dinner. These are valid for any time of year because in winter it comfort if we are warm and in summer, are a great treat if taken with crushed ice and mint leaves. Choose teas that not acidify the blood PH such as the dandelion, burdock, nettle, or green tea.

Between meals choose water-rich foods like fruits, natural juices or milk. Some of the summer fruits such as watermelon are mostly water and help us to hydrate properly.

Accompany all your meals with a ration of vegetables, either as a starter, as an accompaniment to a standard preparation of salad or in the form of garrison. They are also foods rich in water and minerals that not only help us to hydrate ourselves, but also to replace the substance that we lose by urine and sweat.

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