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5 tips for replacing body fat for muscle mass

Controlling glucose is important not only to keep your blood glucose at normal values, but also to prevent excess glucose turns into fat. If you regulate glucose consumption correctly, you can replace body fat for muscle mass.

controlling glucose

The blood glucose control is essential to maintain a stable weight. If missing insulin, glucose does not enter the cells and is deposited in the fat in the form of fat tissue. If insulin is secreted properly, glucose enters the cell and is burned as energy.

This introduction is important to understanding the importance of controlling hormone to replace body fat for muscle mass.

5 tips for replacing body fat for muscle mass

Combines physical exercises. Physical exercise is, along with food, a fundamental pillar in the loss of fat and gain muscle mass. Therefore it is important to combine aerobic exercise with localized exercises. A proper routine to our needs and your body will help you achieve it, not forgetting the meal plan that includes the suggestions discussed above.

Know the Glycemic Index of foods. If you know the GI of foods, you know which foods contain glucose that passes quickly into the bloodstream and accumulates in it, become part of the same fat (if you eat high GI foods with too much).

Choose foods with low Glycemic Index. There are tables that divided the food in high GI, middle GI and low GI. For example, within this last group is the fresh fruit with skin or shell. While these foods provide fructose (simple carbohydrate, before becoming glucose must prior process which slows the absorption of the sugar), on the other hand provide fiber that slows and removes sugar from the body. The lower the GI of the food, less likely there is that increases the synthesis of fats, at the expense of glucose.

Choose foods with simple carbohydrates and complex at the breakfast. If you want to lose fat and gain muscle mass, you need to consume rapidly absorbed carbohydrates and fiber, such as fruits and cereals. To this mixture is important to accompany it with a portion of protein represented by nonfat dairy, eggs or lean meats like turkey or chicken. This combination is very useful because when you exercise because when it comes to exercise you need rapid glucose which will be provided to the agency at a slower pace thanks to the fiber (this mechanism controls the secretion of insulin). Finally, proteins are necessary to avoid losing muscle mass and, why not, to increase it.

Incorporates foods with alpha-lipoic acid or ALA. Alpha lipoic acid is a natural product that helps burn fat. While there are dietary supplements that contain this antioxidant substance, there are also foods that supply it, such as red meat, green leafy vegetables, with yeast, among others. Such foods are ideal to consume after exercise, It help you regain the muscle fatigue and increase its volume.

These tips can help you not only lose weight, but also shape your figure. In addition, these are easy to implement. You only need to commit with your diet and your physical activity so you can achieve lean mass muscle mass naturally.

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