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5 strategies to prevent childhood obesity

With the advent of the XXI century, children who are overweight have increased significantly. Therefore, if you are the parent of a child and want to prevent suffering from obesity can have on hand 5 Strategies to avoid the extra kilos.

prevent childhood obesity

According to the data provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), there are over 42 million overweight children worldwide, of which over 70% are children living in developing countries. Unfortunately, overweight child suffering tends to continue into adulthood, which is complicated as they begin to emerge the complications of obesity.

The good news is that childhood obesity can be prevented, and to do so just consider some strategies that can help reverse the overweight, and avoid complications in adulthood.

5 Strategies to prevent childhood obesity

  1. First of all it is important to put emphasis in the breakfast made by your child. While it is faster than eat buns or clearness of pastry, the reality is it is less healthy. Replace these foods with milk with cereal, yogurt with fruit, omelette with cheese and fruit juice.
  2. Secondly, does not diminish importance to what they eat in the school. Children spend many hours in school, so it is important to keep healthy meals that contain a lot of meats and vegetables, as well as fruit. Control consumption of sweets or snacks.
  3. If Fast Food, but controlled. All kids like to eat burgers and fries. Well, depending on how overweight can eat this menu from 1 time a week to 1 time per month. Even, you can prepare them in homemade form. In this way, will be the homemade burgers and french fries, will not be so fried.
  4. Do not use food as a reward or punishment. This can be a problem, because foods that children choose, sure to be high in calories, fats and sugars.
  5. Kitchen with your son or daughter. Cooking is a good family activity, in addition to being a creative activity; it helps to know which foods are healthy and how to use them in the kitchen. It’s a great opportunity to learn how to eat healthy.

Don’t forget eating as a family, children learn by watching their parents eat, in addition to promoting and improving communication.

If the weight of your boy or girl you’re concerned about and you want to know how to prevent obesity or overweight, these suggestions may help you to achieve your goal. If each family performs food education in their home, childhood obesity can be controlled, reduced and prevent complications in adulthood.

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