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5 Signs that warn the food addiction

If you feel you have some problem with the food that can rub addiction, consider at least five signs that can alert you that something is wrong in your relationship with food. Food addiction can be a possible cause of obesity. It is therefore important that you consider at least 5 signs that can alert you to this situation, and thus take measures to ensure that this addiction does not affect your life and your health.

food addiction

5 Signs that warn the food addiction
Thinking about food constantly. This is one of the first signs that indicate that there are problems with the food. If whatever you do, your thoughts go directly to the food and interfere with your life, you could be having a problem with food addiction.

Another of the most common signs, is to start eating and not stop. Usually when this happens it is common to think that you can stop, but the reality is that it is not so. You need a lot of control to combat this habit, to do can implement a tip that may help you. Serve the portion you are going to eat or buy the just food that you are going to consume. Thus, you will eat less quantity, less calories and less fat.

Eat in secret. Generally, food anxiety often brings shame. This causes a reaction in you prompting you to eat in secret. It is important to share this feeling with your family or friends you live with, to help you to control this impulse. Sometimes it is necessary to seek outside help to control this impulse.

Eat without feeling hungry. Eating produces pleasure and this relates to other moods, such as depression, stress, anxiety, boredom, etc.. For this reason, it is important to find the cause that brings you unstoppable sensation of eating.

Eat even feeling full. While it seems unlikely to happen, it is possible, because your stomach tells you one thing but your thoughts further. It is a battle between what your body feels and what your mind tells you.

These five are signs that you may be telling that something is wrong, and that you can be suffering from food addiction. Not to self deceive, keep in mind these alerts. When you start to be aware of your problem with food, you start to accept it and solve it. However it doesn’t ask for help if you feel that you can not establish a healthy relationship with food.

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