5 foods that you must eliminate from dinner to lose kilos

Dinner is a key diet meal. For this reason, it is essential that you know at least of 5 foods that will increase the calories in this food and what should eliminate to lose kilos and lose weight.

food eliminate from dinner

If you want lose weight, one of the suggestions is to make a light dinner. This has a reason for being, since overnight metabolic rate is slower. For this reason, so that you can lose the extra kilos that you may have, it is necessary to know which foods will increase the calories of the dinner.

5 foods that you should eliminate from dinner to lose kilos

Pastries: If you want something sweet after dinner, do not think about the foods that are included in pastries, as these are rich in sugars and fats, nutrients not being used to release energy can be converted into adipose tissue.

Chips: The fries are foods that stay longer in the stomach to be digested and metabolized. This process, together with excess fat and sodium can generate an increase in fatty tissue and fluid retention.

Soft drinks: The regular soft drinks only provide empty calories, which added to the caloric value of the food can be counterproductive and accumulate in adipose tissue.

Not light desserts: The desserts also have rapidly absorbed carbohydrates and saturated fatty acids. These are almost immediate source of energy. If this one is not used it transforms in fat.

Bread and cookies: These foods are also high in sugar and fat, which absorbed by the intestine can become lipids that accumulate in the body.

In addition to avoiding this food, it is important that you have presented the portions to consume, because if you consume a large amount of food can also be detrimental to lose kilos.

Remember that it is best to dine early and can go to sleep after two hours of eating. Even if you can go out and walk after dinner, not only will you be burning some of the calories from dinner, but it can reduce anxiety by the food which is produced at night.

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