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5 Factors that predict obesity

Every day there are more obese people, even from children. Therefore, it is important to know that there are 5 factors that may predict obesity, and thus prevent adults overweight.

predict obesity

The obesity, unfortunately, has become an epidemic that affects millions of people on all continents. It is increasingly common to find young children suffering from different degrees of obesity. While there are genetic factors that may influence, are environmental factors which would affect about overweight.

Through various studies, it has been established five factors that can help identify children likely to be overweight in adulthood.

What are the 5 factors that predict obesity?

  1. The child’s weight at birth.
  2. The Body Mass Index (BMI) of parents.
  3. Number of people in the household.
  4. Professional category of the mother.
  5. If the Mother smoked or not during pregnancy.

These factors are very important since have been able to systematize, and make a formula based on these factors and apply them during childhood (life stage ideal to start with prevention of obesity).

Moreover, knowing these 5 factors is easy, which can help many children who are in a risk group of overweight, and therefore the complications of the disease.

The best way to prevent obesity in adults is to take preventive measures in childhood.

While there is a percentage of people who suffer from obesity by hereditary causes, the highest percentage of overweight people are a result of external causes, such as improper eating habits and sedentary lifestyle.

The importance of knowing these factors is that you can help prevent complications that greatly affect health, even death. Being overweight is not just being fat, is more likely to have cardiovascular disease, respiratory problems, diabetes, fatty liver, kidney problems, etc..

The best way to care for the health of your family is doing a balanced diet with a normal caloric value, and physical exercise regularly.

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