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5 excuses that boycotting exercises to lose weight

When starting a comprehensive treatment against the extra kilos, it is common that you start with the excuses that boycotting the exercises to lose weight. Therefore, for you to be careful here will present the five most common excuses along at 5 answers that will help you track your weight loss plan.

boycotting exercises

The physical activity not only helps you lose weight but improve your quality of life, as it acts as an agent for preventing many diseases associated with obesity, such as diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, among others.

That is why, at the first opportunity that you start with excuses to boycott your physical exercises, it is necessary to put in place positive thoughts and remember some answers that will help you to follow your plan to lose weight.

5 excuses for not doing exercises and 5 replies to overturn those same excuses

First excuse: I do not have time to exercise.
First Answer: Often associated with physical activity at a gym or a specific sport, and the reality is that walking is a very good cardiovascular exercise, it is free and can do so at any time. If you have issues to resolve outside your home, it is a good time to walk or make part of the journey on foot. Even, instead of watching TV at night, walk before bedtime. No need much time for it, with only 30-40 minute walk is enough.

Second excuse: A gym is very expensive.
Second response: This excuse is linked to the previous excuse, the truth is you can do exercise that has nothing cost, except implement your will. Not only you can walk, but you can run, bike or rollers (if you have one). Walk at your own pace, without exaggerating the effort, it is as good as exercising in a gym.

Third excuse: The weather, very cold or very hot and not to mention if there is wind.
Third Answer: Surely if you have to go to work, go to the doctor or expire with other obligations go out of equal form; rain, shine, feel cold or too hot. Well, exercise is commitment to your health and your weight loss goal. If you take the necessary precautions which are well-equipped and your body at the same time, you can perform exercise in the same way.

Fourth excuse: I’m too tired to do physical activity.
Fourth Answer: When you do exercise, your whole body is in motion and begins to release hormones that give you satisfaction and pleasure. Even when you finish your workout you will feel more alive and even less tired.

Fifth excuse: Exercise is boring.
Fifth Answer: No need to do something you do not like, this would be the worst thing that could happen. On the contrary, there are many activities you can do, choose the one you feel better, you can enjoy and fulfill.

While there are many more excuses that you can ask when starting with physical activity, it is important to have in mind that it is more difficult at the beginning of the plan to lose weight. However over time, it becomes a habit that you will feel that you need, not only because it helps you keep weight but because it manages to achieve that you feel good.

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