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5 errors at breakfast which gain weight

Breakfast is essential, but if you want to know how to avoid this food you fattening, you must take into account at least 5 errors that may increase your weight.

If you consider your biological clock, during the first half of the day you spend the most amount of calories and energy, i.e. that your metabolism is increased.

errors at breakfast

To capitalize on this, it is important to take advantage of the benefits of a good breakfast and get to know how to avoid this you fattening.

5 errors at breakfast which gain weight

  1. The choice of cereals. These foods are very important for your breakfast to give energy, but if you want to lose weight need to properly selections these grains, since many of them are not only high in calories, but have a high percentage of sugar. If you want to take advantage of the virtues of the cereal diet, choose the oat bran, wheat germ.
  2. Another of the mistakes that you have to consider is the size of the portions. Many of the foods you eat at breakfast are high in calories, so to take slimming properties of certain foods without adding many calories is important that controls portions.
  3. If you usually take your breakfast on the way to work, choose cereal bars with nuts or seeds or whole grains. You can even prepare your own recipes.
  4. Remove your breakfast foods such as muffins, cakes or white bread. These foods have a high glycemic index (GI), which can harm your diet and increase your weight.
  5. Eliminate your breakfast rich in saturated fats such as fried foods and butter and/or margarine food. Replace these foods with 0% fat creamed cheese or light cheese spread. If you eat eggs on a regular basis, prepare it boiled.

These 5 mistakes can be common and sabotage your diet to lose weight. Therefore, keep them in mind and prevents the main meal of the day to increase your weight and fattening.

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