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5 alkaline foods for weight loss

The alkaline or alkalizing foods have the properties of being very good purifying the body. Moreover, also collaborate to activate the metabolism, which is why they are good for weight loss.

alkaline foods

The alkaline or alkalizing foods are those that have the power to generate in our body a favorable acidic environment. When the body receives foods that are above the acid pH of the body (just past 7, half of the alkaline scale of 0 to 14), this tends to release calcium from their cells, bones and other organisms, in order to balance.

The opposite occurs with the consumption of these alkalizing foods, that its help to that you do not lose important mineral and also collaborate to purify the body better, detoxifying and helping to activate metabolism to burn fat. You can try to add any of these to your diet.

These are five alkalizing foods you can use to lose weight:

Water: As much as it may seem obvious or even redundant, water is one of the best alkalizing elements that exist. You have to drink two liters per day, but often not enough to be directly from the tap. To ensure that your alkalinity is correct, boil it for five minutes or so.

Cayenne pepper: It is considered one of the most important alkalizing that exists. Just take it in tea or incorporate it into your meals regularly. Be careful, that it is quite spicy and is not just a pepper, but a pepper, beyond its name.

Spinach: Like most leafy greens, should be present in an alkalizing diet without any doubt. And in abundance and preferably raw. Rich in folic acid, vitamins, fiber and much more.

Broccoli: Follow the parameter of all crucifer in general, providing favorable alkaline elements. Always low in calories and satisfying, you should not put it aside.

Garlic: Another element that promotes alkalinity in your body and helps cleanse the body in general. Do not hesitate to consume in all its possible forms.

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