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4 Tricks to lose weight in your diet

Sometimes we overlook the details and these are precisely those who end up making the difference on more than one occasion. When it comes to losing weight, the same thing happens. Based on some things that may seem minimal in your daily diet, conducive in the thinning and also you will save calories. Do you want some good tricks?

chia seeds

Here are some good practical tips to lose weight from food:

Start using more soy sauce: Provides taste, enhances the taste and is a great substitute for oil. You can use it to lubricate salads without abusing the salt and the oil, mixing it with a little lemon juice. Also for fries and stir is wonderful.

Add fiber to your diet: Besides eating lots of vegetables and fruits rich in fiber, you can avail yourself of some tricks that simple. A tablespoon of chia seeds or milled flax, mixed into a smoothie, soup or yogurt, you provide plenty of fiber and excellent properties.

Drink plenty of water and tea: Though perhaps it sounds a little redundant, do not hesitate to drink plenty of water per day. And do not forget the tea as green tea, hydrate you and help you to lose weight with its properties.

Use absorbent papers: The absorbent paper or paper towels are great for extracting calories from foods. A small time whoever you’re supporting some prepared that you’ve done with oil or grease, by more light as it may seem, the paper may help you to take away even more calories of these lipids that are attached to the surface.

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