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4 fruits to eliminate retained fluids

Remove retained fluids is one of the problems that are often present people who want to lose weight. Often swelling which generates such retention ends up being very important, adding kilos and also that feeling of heaviness as traditional.


But it is also true that this can be countered by many things. The principal one of them, the food. In vegetables are the best natural diuretics that exist to eliminate these liquids. You can try the fruit, it always have good things to offer in this regard. Of course, not all will serve, but those that are mentioned throughout this article.

Here are four good diuretic fruits to eliminate retained fluids:

Melon: Perhaps one of the natural diuretics par excellence. Its proportion of liquid is really important. It is a very detoxifying fruit, rich in fluids, vitamins and minerals. Perfect to be exploited in any format.

Watermelon: Like the melon it is virtually pure water. Therefore, it is a diuretic fruit. Yes, it’s temporarily often occurred only in summer and should take advantage of this station. Perfect to prepare smoothies with other well fresh fruits.
Pera: A fruit that is not only very diuretic, it also provides fiber and is ideal for combating constipation. It exerts an effect, therefore, diuretic and cleanser and satiating.

Pineapple: While many people fear pineapple because it is sweet and often have more calories than some standard fruits, it is also true that this is a food with negative calories. In addition, it also provides fibers, beyond its diuretic qualities. A great ally for diets.

Feel free to use these fruits in your daily diet if you have recurrent problems of fluid retention.

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