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3 exercises to tighten stomach after losing weight

The belly is a faithful record of your excesses. However, the restrictions in the diet may not achieve the flat belly and firm that you aspire to have, consistent with your efforts.

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On the contrary, often abdominal flaccidity is the visible result of the rapid weight loss. Before you give up and throw it all away, check out these simple exercises you can do at home to tighten the belly, while continuing with your normal tasks. If after slimming, incorporate this into your daily habits, you will have found the formula to lose belly forever.

Eliminated fat, your belly may look like an empty sack. However, the solution is not always surgery. You can restore muscle tone in your belly, incorporating some simple exercises. Notes:

Exercise tended to harden the belly: Did you just wake up?, please belly down. Lift your head and upper body, holding with your elbows and forearms. Stretch your legs, lifting your lower body until only supported by the tips of your toes. Stay in this position as long as it supports.

Sitting exercise for a stronger belly: If you are watching TV or reading, leverages to assert your belly, lifting your legs together, without support and without your hands off the lower back of the seat. Keep a few seconds and relax. Repeat as often as possible.

Standing Exercise for flat stomach: Meanwhile you prepare the dinner or wash dishes. Collapses the belly, as if attempting the belly towards your back, while holding the spine straight. Hold for as long as possible. Relax and repeat.

No need additional time, or leave your home to do these exercises to tighten stomach after weight loss.

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